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Biography and CV

Nigel Dickinson, is a British born documentary photographer, photojournalist and filmmaker working for 30 years in the field. His work focuses on the environment, human condition, marginalized communities, sustainable development, identity and culture.

He graduated from Sheffield University in 1982 with a BA in Communications Arts, in photography and film. In 1983 his photographic work on public protest ‘Demonstrate’ was exhibited at the Camerawork Gallery, London, after which he spent several months photographing apartheid in South Africa. Parts of this work were exhibited and published in the UK national press

In the mid eighties his documentary work about striking coal miners and their families and the Great Strike, "Hanging On By Your Fingernails", was published by Spokesman Press and toured by the Arts Council of Great Britain. Then based from Birmingham UK, Dickinson was working both in documentary photography, teaching and shooting as a freelance photographer for UK national press and magazines.

In the late eighties and early nineties, Dickinson produced photo-documentary campaigns in collaboration with Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and Survival International. He made several trips across South East Asia, photographing and living with indigenous peoples, documenting deforestation, native blockades which earned him a bronze award from UNEP at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. This work was published worldwide and premiered at Fotofeis in Scotland.

In the early nineties Dickinson joined the London based environmental photo-agency Still Pictures. His work ‘Road’ documenting the Road Protest movement was published and toured by the Arts Council in 1994. In 1993 he began his longterm work documenting Roma Gypsies across Europe. A ten year work on the Gypsy pilgrimage at Saintes Maries de la Mer in France, “Sara. Le pelerinage des gitans” was published by Actes Sud in 2003, and premiered at Les Rencontres in Arles. 

During the nineties, working with NGO’s and magazines, his work took him across the Balkans, covering refugees of war, diaspora and ethnic cleansing, from Bosnia, Kosovo and Montenegro. With Amnesty International he documented victims and the aftermath of the Guatemalan civil war. He worked across Central and South America, photographing street children, the Yanomami and the effects of El Niño and La Niña, climate change in the Amazon, Brazil and the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch in Central America.

Returning from Guatemala in 1996, he documented BSE for Time Magazine and Still Pictures. With the most important reportage photography about Mad Cows, he was awarded a World Press in the News Category in 1997. For many years since he has photographed the Meat industry across thew world, and man's relationship to the beasts he kills and eats; this project is entitled MEAT and was shortlisted for the European Publishers Award.

In 1999/2000 Dickinson covered the aftermath of the hurricanes which swept across France through an aerial photographic documentary of the devastation across French forests.

In 2000 Dickinson was awarded runner up in the Eugene Smith Award, for his longterm document on Roma across Europe. Parts of this work have since been exhibited by the European Union, shown at Visa Pour l'image, in the OSI documentary series 'Moving Walls', published in National Geographic Magazine, D Republicca, Mare, La Vanguardia, Figaro, Stern, L'Express and Geo. 

Dickinson also documented Sharia Islamic law in northern Nigeria in 2003; the recycling waste industry and Smokey Mountain rubbish dump Phnom Penh 2006-2009; the sex industry Cambodia; the rise of anti-gypsyism across Europe including Italian Roma ID cards in 2008 and the situation for Roma expelled from France, in Romania and Bulgaria in 2010. In 2011 He has worked across Mexico, Central America and Colombia continuing the 'Roma Beyond Borders' project and photographing marginalized communities living with urban risk in Managua and Kingston.

In 2011 Nigel Dickinson directed two films for the IFRC Red Cross ' Urban Risk in Managua' & 'Back Road' Jamaica. In 2007, in collaboration with Nanouk TV, he directed two films about environment and energy issues, one with the International Energy Agency (IEA), OECD, the other 'The Solar Power Village' with an NGO, Tamera in Portugal. 

In 2012 Dickinson worked across Bhutan examining 'Gross National Happiness", in Rajasthan searching for the roots of the Gypsies. And revisited the indigenous Dayak peoples of Sarawak, Borneo, whom he photographed initially two decades before.

Dickinson is based between Paris and London. He is also represented by Polaris in New York. He works on long term projects across Europe, Asia and the Americas


'Critical Mass 2011' Photolucida and Blue Sky Solo Exhibition Awardee for Portand photo month 2012

'Railtrack in Cambodia' won the feature award at UK Press Photographers Year 2008.

‘Meat’ was shortlisted for the European Publishers award 2006. 

‘Roma Gypsies’ won runner up in the Eugene Smith Award 2000. 

‘Mad Cows UK’ won a World Press award in 1997. 

‘Deforestation’ took UNEP bronze prize at the Rio Earth Summit 1992. 


‘Hanging On By Your Fingernails’ about the Great Miners Strike 1984/5, published by Spokesman Press UK 1987. 

‘Sara. Le pelerinage des gitans’, the French Gypsy Pilgrimmage, by Actes Sud, France 2003. 


National Geographic Magazine, Figaro, Mare, Geo, Stern, Paris Match, D-Republicca, La Vanguardia, The New York Times. Marie Claire, Vogue, Spiegel, Focus, Time, Animan, Terre Sauvage, Grand Reportage, VSD, Newsweek, New Scientist, The Guardian, Sunday Times, The Independent, 


Mazzota, Pearson, White Star, Laki, Hachette Filipacchi, Solar, Actes Sud, Spokesman Press, Trolley

Environment and Human Rights:

Greenpeace across South East Asia, Amnesty international in Centra America, Friends of the Earth in Borneo, The IAEA in Chernobyl, Oxfam in Honduras, Christian Aid in Africa, Children Direct in Bosnia, Ayuda en Accion in Honduras, The Red Cross and Crescent Societies in Bosnia and Honduras

Films: (Director)

'Energy Today' for The International Energy Agency IEA/OECD 2007

'The Solar Power Village' for Tamera 'Um Mondo Humanitario' 2007

'Urban Risk in Managua' for IFRC Red Cross 2011


'Smokey Mountain' Denmark PhotoTriennale Odense 2012

'Forests' Noorderlicht 2012

'Retrospective' Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Georgia 2012

'Roma Beyond Borders' Darlington Gallery London 2012

'Roma-Sinti-Kali-Manush' Group show, Autograph, Rivington Place 2012

'Smokey Mountain' Photolucida Photomonth Blue Sky Gallery 2012

'Roma Beyond Borders' Venice Biennale, Roma Pavilion 2011

'Roma Beyond Borders' The Lighthouse Media Centre UK 2010

'Smokey Mountain' Jinyang China 2010

'Smokey Mountain' Kaunas festival Lithuania 2010

'Smokey Mountain' Lodz festival Poland 2010

'Road Twyford Down' Krakow Photo Month Poland 2010

'Roma Beyond Borders' TOPS Shenyang China 2008

'Roma Beyond Borders' Moving Walls Documentary Series 12, New York 2005

'Islamic Sharia Law Nigeria' Visa Pour L'Image 2003

'Sara. Le pelerinage des Gitans' Arles Rencontres International 2003

'Roma Kosovo War Exodus' Visa Pour L'Image 2000

'People and the Land' Staffordshire Art Project UK 1996

'Road UK' Wolverhampton Art Gallery UK 1994

'Living on the Periphery' Derby Photofestival 1993

'Deforestation and Land Rights' Fotofeis Scotland 1992

'Hanging By Your Fingernails' The Miners Strike, Lea Hall 1986

'Soweto Country Club' Redskins tour UK 1983

'Demonstrate' Camerawork London 1982


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Mobile: +33612133170

e-mail: nigeldickinson (at) me.com