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France's ostentatious interior decorator and landscape architect, self-made man Jacques Garcia in his Norman country retreat 'le Chateau du Champ de la Bataille. He is responsible for the Parisian Ladurée teahouse and Hotel  Costes. His client list includes the Sultan of Brunei. He bought the chateau, one hours drive from Paris, at le Neubourg in Normandie, twenty years ago and faced with one of the great masterpieces of French Architecture, his self appointed task was to make it more sublime. Hardly touching the facade, he re-designed the interiors to be lavish interpretations of Baroque, recalling Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. The stylish gardens contain Roma style temples, an amphitheatre and fountains.  The chateau, open to the public, attracts 30,000 visitors per year. In 2007, with the addition of  restaurant and hotel rooms, the project will be finished.///Chateau du Champ de la Bataille interior: Jacques Garcia with his 84 year old mother "Jeanne Garcia", with his dog "Leon" and is mother's "Olymph" - Leon's fiancée in the Hunting Lounge "Salon Chasse".