Sarawak: Borneo revisited 1989-2015

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A Penan chief standing next to a 'nailed' tree, marked with a tin can nailed to the tree, in Sarawak's Primary rainforest. They nail the tree with hundreds of 15 cm long nails making it impossible for the tree to be cut down with a chainsaw. Any attempt to cut the tree and it will break the chainsaw and hurt the logger. The Baram Penan indigenous people have successfully blockaded their forest from logging. They are settled since 60 years and resisted against the government logging companies longer than any other native peoples. They founded the "Penan Peace Park", their name for the rainforest territory around their longhouse settlements, which is still virgin primary rainforest, uncut by loggers. Baram, Sarawak 2014 <br />
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L’image monte un chef de Penan avec un arbre plein des clous. Les centaines des clous dans les arbres arrêtent des bucherons d’abattre des arbres, au risque d'exploser leur tronçonneuse et se blesser. L'arbre est marqué avec un canette boisson écrasés attaché avec un clou à l'arbre.<br />
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Borneo native peoples and their rainforest habitat revisited two decades later: 1989/1991 and 2012/2014/2015.  <br />
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Sarawak's primary rainforests have been systematically logged over decades, threatening the sustainable lifestyle of its indigenous peoples who relied on nomadic hunter-gathering and rotational slash & burn cultivation of small areas of forest to survive. Now only a few areas of pristine rainforest remain; for the Dayaks and Penan this spells disaster, a rapidly disappearing way of life, forced re-settlement, many becoming wage-slaves. Large and medium size tree trunks have been sawn down and dragged out by bulldozers, leaving destruction in their midst, and for the most part a primary rainforest ecosystem beyond repair. Nowadays palm oil plantations and hydro-electric dam projects cover hundreds of thousands of hectares of what was the world's oldest rainforest ecosystem which had some of the highest rates of flora and fauna endemism, speci