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The mystery of Antoine Saint Exupery's disappearance is most likely solved by the testimony of a former Luftwaffe Messerschmitt pilot, Horst Rippert, who attests to shooting down the famous author of 'The Little Prince', who was flying a twin-tailed Lightning P-38 plane, flying below him. The chain bracelet, wrist tag, was found off the coast of Marseille in 1998, by a fisherman 'Jean-Claude Bianco'. The remains of Antoine Saint Exupery's plane was found by a diver 'Luc Vanrell' on the seabed in the same area in 2000.///.Jean-Claude Bianco, fisherman, and Luc Vanrell, diver, those who found Antoine Saint Exupery's wrist tag and plane at sea off the coast of Marseille. Pictured, France, East of Marseille, Montredon village.