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Drugged Husa animists in trance foaming at the mouth during voodoo ceremony..Under the influence of drugs several Husa animists go into trance, speaking in tongues, guiding by their spiritual leader. After several hours they jump onto pumpkins exploding them, the pieces are made into stew which are concidered sacred. After their meeting with the gods they are considered embodied with their spirits and locals who paid for the ceremon will ask them questions about how to lead their life. Animist voodoo pagan ceremonies and traditions pre-date the arrival of Islam in Africa. The earliest Africans were animist, praying to the spirits of rocks and beasts. Animism and Islam have happily co-existed together until Sharia Islamic law was instated which outlaws animist ceremonies music and dancing. The implementation of Islamic Sharia Law across the twelve northern states of Nigeria, centres upon Kano, the largest Muslim Husa city, under the feudal, political and economic rule of the Emir of Kano. Kano State, Northern Nigeria, Africa