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EVANGELISM AMERICAN STYLE. South East Asia. Battambang, Cambodia. A 'University of Nations' project, registered in Cambodia as a project of the international Christian Evangelical 'Youth With a Mission' (YWAM), run by 'Group Leader' Garth Gustafson. It is a fanatical Evangelist youth movement who use english and sports teachings as a vehicle, together with religious indocrination, to turn buddhist youth and even monks, towards the Christian Bible. Garth preaches quasi-religeous sermons about 'hot and cold' climate types, of Western moral superiority and stronger work ethics, American right obsessions with family and personal responsibility, versus "primitive people who use smiles to hide their lies". They preach they "want to see your (Cambodian) nation change to be a good nation, to glorify God" but YWAM is a cult-like organisation with right wing and facism roots. The YWAMers force themselves upon AIDS patients in local hospitals, looking for the very sick and dying, offering neither drugs nor food, but instead, prayers about Christian redemption, offer everlasting life, which when rejected by buddhists, they are accused of being "bitter" for declining them.///'Youth With a Mission' (YWAM) in exultation and prayer during an evening worship in Battambang