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1991: Semi-nomadic Penan in traditional 'sulap' temporary settlement. A woman tends to the fires whilst her son watches, wearing a Saddam Hussein T-shirt. Many Christian and Muslims tried to convert the Dayak tribes, who are mainly Christian and Animist. The Muslims don't have much luck because the natives like to eat wild boar pig-meat. Belaga district, Sarawak, Borneo<br />
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Tropical rainforest and one of the world's richest, oldest eco-systems, flora and fauna, under threat from development, logging and deforestation. Home to indigenous Dayak native tribal peoples, farming by slash and burn cultivation, fishing and hunting wild boar. Home to the Penan, traditional nomadic hunter-gatherers, of whom only one thousand survive, eating roots, and hunting wild animals with blowpipes. Animists, Christians, they still practice traditional medicine from herbs and plants. Native people have mounted protests and blockades against logging concessions, many have been arrested and imprisoned.