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The mystery of Antoine Saint Exupery's disappearance is most likely solved by the testimony of a former Luftwaffe Messerschmitt pilot, Horst Rippert, who attests to shooting down the famous author of 'The Little Prince', who was flying a twin-tailed Lightning P-38 plane, flying below him. The chain bracelet, wrist tag, was found off the coast of Marseille in 1998, by a fisherman 'Jean-Claude Bianco'. The remains of Antoine Saint Exupery's plane was found by a diver 'Luc Vanrell' on the seabed in the same area in 2000.///Jean-Claude Bianco, fisherman, who found Antoine Saint Exupery's wrist tag caught in his fishing nets at sea off the coast of Marseille. France, East of Marseille, Montredon village.