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Nigel Dickinson portfolio book


China Surveillance Big Brother Series
CHINA. Le Grand Bond vers 2050: WE DEMAIN

Roma Beyond Borders series
Smokey Mountain series
Environmental portraits series
Islamic Sharia Kano series
Borneo Revisited series

exhibitions publications 2019
BREXITLAND UK @ Festival de Fotografia de Paranapiacaba Sau Paulo Brazil
Smokey Mountain Rubbish Dump & Recycling Phnom Penh @ Big Green Gathering UK
CHINA BIG BROTHER @ KAUNAS Photofestival Lithuania
MEAT @ ZOOM Festival Quebec Canada

exhibitions publications 2018
China Surveillance Big Brother
Shandong Rizhao Photofestival China 

exhibitions 2017
Art on a Postcard
'October 2017 London'
Roma Beyond Borders
'May 2017 Saintes Maries de la Mer France'

exhibitions 2016

Houston Fotofest Changing Circumstances 2016
'Smokey Mountain and Recycling Phnom Penh' exhibition Houston Fotofest, Texas USA'
American Photo Magazine: best-things-we-saw-at-fotofest
Guardian Environment Review Fotofest
'Fotofest 2016: artists capture human impact on a changing planet – in pictures'

exhibitions 2015

Felix Schoeller Award Nominee 2015: Islamic Sharia
Roma Beyond Borders: Fete Humanité Paris France
Meat book @ Hayward Gallery History is Now: BSE
History is Now: BSE Roger Hjorns
Roma Beyond Borders: Saintes Maries de la Mer France

selected exhibitions

Moving Walls 12: Beyond Borders: Roma across Europe
Lensculture: Smokey Mountain series
Critical Mass 2011 Solo Exhibition winner
Blue Sky: Photo Lucida: Smokey Mountain series

European Photography Magazine EP92
ROMA-SINTI-KALE-MANUSH Rivington place, London UK
Roma Beyond Borders 54th Venice Biennale Roma Pavilion
Gallery 1401 Philadelphia: Nigel Dickinson
Gallery 1401: Roma Beyond Borders + Smokey Mountain
Slideluck Potshow Paris: Roma Beyond Borders
Noorderlicht Holland: Forests after the Storms
Fotofestiwal Poland: Smokey Mountain
Encontros da Imagem Portugal: Nigel Dickinson
Kolga Tbilisi Photo - Beyond Borders

Nigel Dickinson Lichtblick School

Visual Story telling Lichtblick School

video: director+camera
Tackling Urban Risk: Nicaragua documentary film, IFRC Red Cross 2011 (director, camera)
Solar Power Village: documentary film, Tamera 2007 (director)
IFJ Safety of Journalists Workshop
 UNESCO PARIS 2014 (director, camera) 

The IEA Today director, corporate film for The IEA 2006 (director)

video: camera
Rap Slam Hip hop
Nos States Radio interview AfterArt Prod (2010)
Tous La France: the making of a music video, AfterArt Prod (2011)

press & photojournalism
Mad Cows:World press news category 1997
Polaris Images: New York
Mare Magazine: Sara's Fest
NUJ: Stand Up for Journalism

national geographic
National Geographic Books: One World One Day front cover
National Geographic Magazine USA: The French Gitans
National Geographic France: Ecosse fantomes

Sara. Le pelerinage des gitans Actes Sud France (2003)
Hanging On By Your Fingernails
 Spokesman Press (1987)
Hanging On By Your Fingernails: Interview Mathilde Bertrand
Soweto Country Club
 Allison & Busby (1985)

Nigel Dickinson PORTFOLIO BOOK 2016
Nigel Dickinson Portfolio Book 2012
Nigel Dickinson: Art Photo Index

selected documentary works
Blue Sky Gallery: Photo Lucida Smokey Mountain
Moving Walls Documentary series 12:  Roma Beyond Borders
MEAT to be published
World Press: Mad Cows

New York Times: Fixer-Upper in Normandy the Sun King Would've loved
New York Times: No Quasimodo
New York Times: Trend Spotters Home & Garden
New York Times: Renovating a Castle Homes & Destinations
New York Times: Nice Provencal Cuisine
New York Times: Organic Champagne Wining & Dining
New York Times: A taste of the Riviera
New York Times: A Whimsical Welsh Village
New York Times: Culinary Crossroads in Genoa
New York Times: Castle on a Vineyard

Sunday Times: Hollande’s chauffer Mohamed Belaid
Financial Times: The trend: bun appetit
Sunday Times: Oldies live it up

Freedom Solidarity Forum conference 

We Demain: N'appelez pas Indien Geek
Link TV USA : Chernobyl film
New Scientist: Mad Cows BSE
IFRC: Urban disaster risk reduction
Le Parisien Magazine: Voix Libre Pour Syria
Saintes Maries de la Mer Volkskrant publication
Saintes Maries de la Mer Volkskrant online

American Photo Magazine: best-things-we-saw-at-fotofest
We Demain: Houston Fotofest Smokey Mountain
Art Limited Houston


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